Rihanna doesn’t usually make the Fashion Disasters tag because she so infrequently wears clothes. When she manages to cover any part of herself, she uses scraps of cloth and netting.

During an appearance at the Westfield Shopping Center in London yesterday, though, she made up for those little bits of clothes by… wearing all of them at once. That would be clashing stripes, an oversize jacket and starched Karl Lagerfeld collars. She accessorized with tasteful gray pumps, statement shades, red nails, a shitload of rings and her tongue. To further gild the lily, she layered some more chains over the aforementioned Karl Lagerfeld collar. The whole outfit makes us think “silk pajama sets they hand out at Club Fed,” as worn by an eccentric pin-up.

Look, we’ll grant that this is kind of awesome in a ’90s TLC way–we imagine this on T-Boz and she could make this work–and Rihanna’s sideswept gun moll hair looks amazing. But… but…

…At the end of the day, this is just an unflattering pajama set worn with an oversized blazer and it swallows her.

But let’s end this on a positive note with a really great use of an oversize jacket…


(Photos via Wenn)