In this picture, Rihanna can be seen roaming the streets of New York without any pants on.

Now, I get that this is kind of a look, but usually, it seems like the shirt-as-dress thing is accompanied by a belt, or a legging, or even a short short, so as to assure the viewer that the wearer isn’t simply sans pants, but rather, is sporting a deliberate ensemble (such as it is). What Rihanna’s done here, alternately, gives the impression that she simply forgot bottoms, although I know this to be impossible, because Rihanna has a “team” of “people” who are working to ensure that mistakes like that don’t happen…not to mention the fact that she’s pictured here with friends.

That means that the individuals in this photograph condoned her decision, either through accolades or silence. (Silence speaks volumes, ladies.)

What do you think of the look? Would you have suggested that she turn right back around and pull on something resembling a pant?