rihanna good morning america 2

Rihanna rocked two intense blazers yesterday–first on Good Morning America and then that evening at the launch of MAC‘s Viva Glam Rihanna line. I’m crazy about the GMA look, but a little torn about her outfit for the launch party.

rihanna good morning america

Rihanna wore a Chanel coral skirt suit (Red Carpet Fashion Awards points out that it’s from the Spring 1994 collection) for her GMA appearance. While it’s missing the trademark plaid pattern, my immediate thought was that Rihanna looked like Cher Horowitz, but then again anyone who looks good in a suit reminds me of Cher.


Maybe some sort of career-minded 90s Barbie is more appropriate? In any case, I love that suit on Rihanna–it looks anything but stuffy and old (it doesn’t hurt that this is one hell of a mini skirt). I vote for Rihanna to only wear power suits from now on. This is my favorite look on here in months.

But of course, I can’t get anything that I want, and Rihanna will not, for some reason, only wear Chanel suits from 1994. As great as her GMA outfit was, things got a little dicey for the Viva Glam launch party. Why didn’t that butt psychic warn her?

MAC Cosmetics Launches Viva Glam Rihanna

I don’t mind her sparkly blazer, because what else are you going to wear to a MAC party? But that skirt fits poorly, and I hate the ruffly bottom part under that awkward seam. Also, why the disco flight attendant neck scarf? This seems less like an outfit and more like putting a blindfold on and grabbing six random pieces in your closet (fingers crossed you grabbed underwear). And yes, I get it. Pointed heels are happening, regardless of how often I rail against them. I don’t want to talk about it.

Photos: ABC, Getty Images