Rihanna Instagram Crop Over Outfit

For the annual Crop Over harvest festival of Kadooment Day in Barbados, Rihanna dressed up in a next-to-naked, blinged out get-up complete with feathers, gems and a rather incredible amount of luck. Seriously, I have zero idea how she managed to keep it all in there.

As per usual, she looked absolutely stunning. Also as per usual, she Instagrammed over a dozen photos of her day, most of which are fairly NSFW. Of course, sites like Fishwrapper had something slut shame-y to say about her outfit:

If you’re Rihanna… it is a big deal, because this is a way of validating herself. She needs for this to be a big deal to you, OK? So do a girl a solid and just … agree. Things will go that much smoothly if you just nod and smile whenever you see Rihanna essentially showing you her reproductive organs, alright?

Now, I personally think she looks incredible and I don’t give a shit what she’s showing. And Crop Over is about much, much more than elaborate, heavily-accessorized bikinis, of course; it’s a traditional festival that began in the mid-1600s and features singing, dancing, eating, drinking and a whole lot of celebrating. Obviously, it’s more than those, too, but I am admittedly not an expert and would hate to appear as though I find myself capable of summarizing the entire festival in a sentence or two.

That said, I am an expert on posting celebrities’ crazy photos in galleries for you to gawk at, so here are some of Rihanna’s from yesterday plus the captions she added to them. I found it kind of amusing that she included hashtags, which are often used to get more people to see your photos; with her 9 million+ followers, it’s funny to imagine Rihanna determining the appeal of some #PARTYTAGZ over others. Celebrities: They’re just like us, only with liquid gold flowing through their diamond-encrusted circulatory systems.

Photos: Rihanna’s Instagram.[ITPGallery]