In between listening to old Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child this morning on repeat, a certain popstar from Barbados came into the shuffle. This let to me checking out her Twitter, Instagram, etc. to see what she’s been up to besides hanging out with Public Frenemy #1. As we all know so very well, Rihanna is sans clothes about 300% more than the average human being and therefore must document it to the same extent. She’s naked on magazines, in magazines, on the Internet, in advertisements. Frankly, half- or nearly-naked Rihanna Instagram photos are not only unsurprisingly, but practically expected.

However, two things struck me about these pictures:

  1. The frequency: Seriously, there’s like 13 of these in a row.
  2. The expressions: Rihanna increasingly looks like she wants to eat humans in these photos. It goes from being seductive to, “Good evening, Clarice” real fast.

Seven of them are covers for men’s magazine Complex — “one for each of the album’s she’s released in the past seven years” — but she also posted quite a few backstage photos and some…well, I don’t even know what they would be considered. Not backstage, I don’t think, but I imagine anyone walking in on her taking these photos for Instagram would have a hard time not laughing.

Now, I’m gonna go back to listening to “Rude Boy” while putting on some clothes, the irony of which has not evaded me. Enjoy your confusion over every NSFW Rihanna Instagram picture, her own captions and weird commenters included, from the past day.

Photos: Rihanna’s Instagram Account