Rihanna is a woman with many fingers in many pies, including the big, disgusting, human meat pie that is reality TV.

So what does a Rihanna reality TV show look like? Well, the first trailer just came out, and it actually looks pretty classy, as far as these things go. Based on the “make people with a viable skill compete to see who’s the best at it” model of Project Runway, the horribly titled Styled To Rock will focus more on the styling end of things than actual fashion design. Which, as anyone who’s seen The Rachel Zoe Project knows, can exhaust someone to the point of emaciation. I hope they have doctors on hand.

Although she features prominently in the trailer, Rihanna is not actually a regular on the show, but the executive producer. However, it’s being hosted by Nicola Roberts of British pop group Girls Aloud, who is fabulous, so I’m okay with that. It’s not yet clear how they’re going to inject high drama into the task of “picking out some cool clothes for a celebrity to wear,” but I’m sure they found a way.

Styleite notes that the grand prize is the privilege of dressing Rihanna for her performance at a festival that already happened, which seems a bit anti-climactic for the winner, who I suppose had to “ghost style” her to avoid revealing the outcome of the show. Still, it looks like it has potential to be an amusing, drama filled program about a profession that has yet to fully saturate the TV market. I don’t live in the UK or get Sky Living HD, but I will certainly look for it online and report back, should it turn out to be awesome.

(Via Styleite)