Here’s a riddle for you: If Rihanna wore a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Adam Selman dress to the CFDA Awards, that showed her nipples is she naked or not? Well, she did, and the jury is still out on this one. The pictures caused a debate about whether covering your chest in a thin layer of crystal constitutes as proper coverage, despite seeing enough of Rihanna’s chest to know that she left the nipple ring at home last night. Some websites think it does (a layer of crystals isn’t that much different than clothing) while other’s think it’s NSFW. Rihanna is no stranger in igniting nipple covering debates–and she has the closed Instagram account to prove it (RIP Rihanna selfies), but this wasn’t exposing a nipple out partying on New Year’s, this was a fancy schmancy red carpet awards ceremony.

It’s a CFDA nipple vs. censorship face-off. Let’s see which sites are pro-nipple and what ones wish Rihanna wore a bra:

1. Vogue

Rihanna Vogue CFDA Nipples

If Anna Wintour doesn’t have a problem with a little areola, no one else should. Rihanna and her nips even made it onto the best-dressed list.
Nipples: 1 Censorship: 0

2. Us WeeklyRihanna Us Weekly CFDA Nipple

Us Weekly decided it was too good a branding opportunity, so they slapped their logo over Rihanna’s nipples. Good strategy.Rihanna CFDA Us Weekly BumThey even decided to use the smudge tool on Rihanna’ butt.
Nipples: 1 Censorship: 1

3. Huffington PostRihanna Huffington Post Nipples CFDAThe Huffington Post chose a close-up shot of Rihanna and her Fashion Icon Award and let her nips share the moment. How thoughtful.
Nipples: 2 Censorship: 1

4. LuckyRihanna Lucky CFDA NippleLucky may have deemed Rihanna’s nipples as ‘insane’ but her exposed boobs weren’t crazy enough to get black-barred.
Nipples: 3 Censorship: 1

5. USA TodayRihanna USA Today CFDA NippleUSA Today decided to select a photo where Rihanna did the censoring for them, so they didn’t have to worry about a pixelated spot ruining the image. Though truth be told, that furry boa isn’t covering everything.
Nipples: 3 Censorship: 1.5 (for one boob covered)

6.  Vanity FairRihanna Vanity Fair CFDA Nipples

Vanity Fair is another style bible that is for the #freethenipple campaign.
Nipples: 4 Censorship: 1.5

7. PeoplePeople Rihanna CFDA NipplePeople magazine decided to add a nude lining to Rihanna’s top–too bad they didn’t finish it until after the event.
Nipples: 4 Censorship: 2.5

8. Just Jared
Rihanna Just Jared CFDA Nipple

Just Jared isn’t shy about a little boobage. They posted full-body and close-up shots. Double points should be awarded but the rules don’t work that way. Sorry.
Nipples: 5 Censorship: 2.5

9. Daily MailRihanna Daily Mail

The Daily Mail thought it wasn’t a big deal to show boobs and butt. It’s alright because Rihanna is still wearing underwear.
Nipples: 6 Censorship: 2.5

10. CelebuzzRihanna CelebBuzz CFDA Nipples

Celebuzz also took the promotional route. I like how they matched their logo to the same pink as the Swarovski pink font in the background. That takes thought.
Nipples: 6 Censorship: 3.5

11. zap2itRihanna CFDA Nipples Zap2ItDespite RiRi’s nipples being hidden under purple stars that look like something Ariel from The Little Mermaid would wear, I am more distracted by Chris Kattan‘s André Leon Talley meets leather fetish outfit.
Nipples: 6 Censorship: 4.5

Winner: Nipples
Like I said, if Vogue thinks it’s alright to show your nipples at a black tie event, everyone should be fine with it.

Photos: Getty