Rihanna loves herself a controversy and has discovered, time and time again, that you can generate one just by going outside dressed in a certain way. Here’s the Barbadian singer partying in West Hollywood last night–looking every bit the Fashion Disaster–in addition to reminding us her nipples are pierced.

We don’t think sheerness or revealing pieces are problematic in and of themselves, but they enter disaster territory when paired with a camo hat, an exposed midriff, an anklet (!) and–perhaps the worst crime of fashion there is–a necklace over a turtleneck (the pit stains won’t get her a demerit, though, because that happens to the best of us). Also, is that a belly chain?!

…Her beauty, however, is impeccable. The red lip on flawless skin is almost enough to distract us from the everything else.

(via the Daily Mail)