Rihanna revealed her nipple ring in a racy lace frock this New Years Eve

Did you guys know Rihanna has her nipples pierced? The singer took in 2012 at Sean Combs‘ presumably lavish party in Miami, wearing a sheer lace dress that showed off her nipple ring. Although we think pairing sheer with bralessness is best left to runway fantasy, this may actually be a case of invasively bright paparazzi flashes. …Or how Rihanna dresses.

Though today’s a holiday for most of you, here at TheGloss we’re dutifully cataloging Ugly Things Famous People Wore This New Years Eve (like Kim Kardashian in a hideous Gucci mini). We’re not really sure how we feel about Rihanna’s nipple flash, however we are extremely concerned about those peroxide cornrows behind her.

(Daily Mail)