If you haven’t heard yet, Rihanna created a collection for River Island for London Fashion Week (though her show was actually an unofficial one). It was risque! It was shredded! It brought sexy back! Oh, and everybody hates it. No, really: everybody hates it.

While there will certainly be some die-hard fans who think it’s somehow an amazing, artistic feat on the performer’s part, I think the general consensus is that (A) Rihanna should stick to singing and looking self-satisfied and (B) she didn’t even do that much anyway, so it’s barely even her line. Also, she showed up an hour late for a show lasting 9 minutes. Glad you could make it, RiRi!

According the The Daily Beast, it was a “horror show.” To be precise, it was a “tiresome, underwhelming and uninspired marketing exercise” and the clothes “were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them.” But, on the bright side: “If you really, really like belly buttons, if you are totally nuts for navels,” then it is the collection for you! Gross.

Of course, nobody was hoping for all that much anyway. Even ABC, a station generally clueless-seeming about fashion most of the time, said, “No one went to Rihanna’s Saturday night debut as a fashion designer expecting demure dresses set off with tasteful pearls.” True, but that would’ve actually been more exciting and interesting that what she actually did. But here, see for yourself.

Photos: Lia Toby / WENN.com[ITPGallery]