Did you watch Rihanna’s revealing interview with Diane Sawyer last night on ABC’s “20/20”?  I was glued to my tele and have a new respect for the pop superstar, who has recently stirred up controversy with her questionable new single “Russian Roulette.”

Rihanna doesn't play "Russian Roulette" with love anymore.

Rihanna doesn't play "Russian Roulette" with love anymore.

A blonde Rihanna, flaunting yet another cutting edge haircut and wearing a sharp, white sweater dress with big shoulder pads and stilettos, spoke about her humiliation because of her abuse at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and her regret over reuniting with the singer only three weeks after he assaulted her.


“This happened to me….it can happen to anyone,” she told Sawyer. The 21-year-old also says she wants to be an example to other young women not to stand for domestic violence.  And she revealed she doesn’t hate Brown, but wants him to act like a man and take responsibility for his actions, not feel sorry for himself, and “grow up.”  Right on Rihanna!

Image credit: Newscom.com