Terry Richardson posted some new photos of Rihanna to his blog, featuring the singer doing some very posing-for-Terry Richardson things. Above, she grabs her crotch and gives the middle finger. Apparently these are outtakes for the VitaCoco campaign, which makes sense, because posing for the VitaCoco campaign is pretty punk. It’s like she rejects the notion of your non-coconut based beverages.

Oh, your refreshing summer drink doesn’t have potassium? Fuck you. This is anarchy.

Rihanna is so anti-authority she even shows her butt (below)! Between flashing her nipple piercings and hanging out at strip clubs, Rihanna’s been rebelling awful hard against some nebulous stuff lately.

Rihanna plays by no one’s rules. Except the company paying her millions to promote their delicious, ultra-hydrating beverage. But everyone else’s rules can suck it!

(Terry’s Diary)