Rihanna just taught us a very good lesson on how to respond to our critics–and shows us that she has a wicked sense of humor while doing so. The photos of her wearing a completely see-through Swarovski crystal-encrusted gown to the CFDA Awards, sent the internet into a tizzy about whether or not gemstones placed on top of your areolae constitutes as clothing. To black bar or not to black bar, that was the question. How does RiRi respond to the controversy? By going to the place where you hash out all your problems, social media, of course.

Rihanna first posted this photo on her Twitter account, in an attempt to explain her CFDA outfit choice:

Rihanna Josephine Baker CFDA Dress

Well that makes sense. Being inspired by Josephine Baker is a logical, though slightly boring explanation.

A few hours later, when the puns about nipples were still going strong, and the late night hosts were frantically trying to work in a joke about mammograms into their monologue, Rihanna followed up her original post with this:

Rihanna Family Guy Twitter

This is amazing. It shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously, unlike some celebrities who think that fashion is art and they are the canvas which to showcase it. And that it must never be mocked. I kind of wish she only posted this instead of the original photo, though.

Family Guy Peter Rihanna Twitter Avatar

Oh yeah, she also decided to change her avatar to Peter Griffin. The only thing that remains is, who do you think wore it best? There’s something new for you to talk about, Internet.

Photos: WENN, Twitter