rihanna fashion reality show

Fashion-centric reality shows have been losing some of their shine lately. It’s been years since I tuned in to my old favorite, Project Runway. But Rihanna‘s fashion reality show has a network and a start date now, and I’m going to watch the shit out of that thing.

The key to a good competition reality show is a strong cast of passionate, talented contestants with actual skills who can do things that are interesting to watch. A couple crazy people help keep things interesting, but for the most part a show hinges on its contestants actually being able to accomplish things.

Rihanna’s show is called Styled to Rock, and it’s a professional competition for 12 would-be fashion designers, who will be competing each week for the chance to dress an actual celebrity. I’m optimistic about the quality of the competition, given how many of them list fashion design degrees in their bios. On the British version of the show, the final challenge was Rihanna herself, and the winner gets “a chance to work on her design team.”

The show could turn out to be worth watching just for the mentors. In addition to Rihanna and her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, one is Pharell, whose appearances on The Voice demonstrated that the man is very good at giving insightful criticism. Another is model/designer/homeless fashion fan/alleged plagiarist Erin Wasson, who should be worth watching just in the hopes that she’ll say something crazy like, “Homeless people have the best style.”

The show will be premiering on the Style Network on November 5.

Via Glamour/Image: Instagram/BadGalRiri