DKNY25 Birthday Bash

Does anyone else think British pop star Rita Ora is trying to break into the American consciousness by winning (losing?) at Fashion Disasters? Because she’s had way too many in a row for it to be a coincidence. “Disaster” implies an accident. Something that was not supposed to happen. And everything about this outfit feels frightfully intentional.

At DKNY’s 25th birthday bash last night, she thought it would be a good idea to wear a baggy, paisley romper with a drop waist that made her torso look miles longer than her legs. To complete this stumpy illusion, she wore an oversized white blazer, giving the impression of two kids standing on top of each other in a trench coat. Only instead of impersonating a detective, she’s impersonating a person with a freakishly long torso and freakishly short legs. Hmm.

But wait, there’s more!

DKNY 25th Birthday Bash

As you can see, the white blazer had a fucking paisley number on the back. What sports team is she on? What position does she play? Was she plugging her ears during Kanye West‘s epic rant the other day? At least she had a cool, slightly hard-edged beauty look and sparkly high heels.

Or, let’s try it this way: at least her primary job is making music, not making outfits work. Still, I think she could use a little help. Rita Ora paper dolls, anyone?

(Via Coco Perez)

Photos: WENN