River IslandThere has been a lot of exciting news regarding curvy fashion lines lately. Beth Ditto and Jean Paul Gaultier collaborated on one of the coolest t-shirts we have ever seen; Dorothy Perkins launched their own plus size range; and Ava &Viva‘s plus size line for Target was amazing. We also can’t forget about Melissa McCarthy and her Seven7 brand. She followed up her must-buy-everything fall collection with an adorable holiday campaign and ecommerce website. Things just keep on getting better because it was announced that River Island is launching its own plus size range in 2016.

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River Island’s new range will be called RI Plus, and it will launch in early March 2016, so start counting down now. RI Plus sounds like it will be a one-stop shop: there’ll be pieces across a wide number of categories, just like the rest of River Island line. RI Plus will feature party looks, workwear, denim, and core basics. The line will also focus on all of the major trends for Spring 2016 including stripes, florals, and earth tones.

The plus size range will be available in UK sizes 18 to 24 (approximately US sizes 14 to 20) and it will range in price from £6 to £80 (approximately $9 to $119), according to Vogue UK. The RI Plus collection will be available in stores and online, so you can add it to your list of best plus size stores to shop online.

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There aren’t any sneak peek photos from the collection yet, but get excited, because the promotional campaign will feature plus size model Candice Huffine. Candice was the first plus size model to appear in the Pirelli calendar, she has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, and she has been featured in various issues of Vogue. Needless to say, she brings some serious star power to the line, which can never hurt.

River Island has been on a roll since they collaborated with Rihanna a few years back. (You know the collections. You’re probably still crying you didn’t get that crop top.) It’s great to see that they are expanding their women’s size. It’s about time considering that they have almost every size category covered with lines for girls men, boys, and toddlers, or mini boys and girls as they call them. What’s even better is that they are keeping true to the original River Island style, and they aren’t changing it like some plus size lines have a tendency to do. The only way things could get any better is if they invite Rihanna back for a collaboration. Fingers crossed that will happen. It’s almost Christmas, which means that almost anything can happen.

The River Island RI Plus collection will launch in March 2016 in stores and online!

(Photo: River Island)