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The fashion industry is historically pretty fond of wearing dead animals. Despite its legacy as a luxury material, however, designers tend to obscure the origin of their fur–few people like being reminded of all the suffering and sinew that goes into a pricey coat.

Conceptional artist Jess Eaton wants to address the gap between dead animals that are socially acceptable to wear and those that are not–so she made a bunch of really pretty dresses out of straight-up roadkill.

Introducing Roadkill Couture: ornate, elegant designer looks made from 100% “found animals.”

Take it away, Jess:

Roadkill Couture™ comprises of garments created out of the pelts, feathers and bones of animals that have been killed and eaten as food, have been accidentally killed on our roads, that have died of natural causes or been culled as pests.

Roadkill Couture™ is a celebration of the exquisite design of nature and is giving a second life to things of wonder and beauty when they would normally perish or simply be thrown away or discarded.

The animals used have been found by ourselves, donated by friends, family or pest control or bought at the butcher and we have processed each and every one ourselves.

Roadkill Couture™ has a very strong ethical code and absolutely no animal was, or ever will be harmed or killed for the making of the collection.

Eaton’s designs will be on display at London’s White Gallery this May.

Here are some more photos:

Roadkill couture Jess Eaton

Roadkill Couture Jess EatonWe appreciate that Eaton is asking some questions that need to be asked from within the fashion industry (Kate Moss wore one of her designs in Love), but we can’t help but feel these look a little too much like golden era McQueen–like this and this and this and this and, oh, this. Unfortunately, rather than having a conversation about the origin of our so-called luxury materials, we’re tempted to have a conversation about intellectual property.

(EatonNott via The Frisky)