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Robert Pattinson has long been attached to Dior Homme as the face of their fragrance, but now, he’s got a new role. The fashion house has tapped him as the new front man for their apparel ads, and the results are exactly what I imagine Cedric Diggory would look like if he had the opportunity to grace us all with this late-twenties glory. And yes, there will be plenty of Harry Potter references in this article going forward. Just go with it.

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The ads, shot by Karl Lagerfeld, are for the brand’s fall collection, and are set to run in print and in the general public (hello, new favorite bus shelter ad!) starting April 1. CEO of Christian Dior Couture Sidney Toledano told WWD,

“We approached Robert Pattinson for the Dior Homme autumn 2016 campaign. He was already the face of the Dior Homme Fragrance and he was thrilled to be also the face for fashion. When we told him that Karl Lagerfeld was going to shoot the campaign, Robert was even more enthusiastic and indeed, the campaign is perfectly reflecting the spirit of Dior Homme.”

It’s difficult for me to imagine Pattinson being enthusiastic about anything given his usual cool-as-a-cucumber-and-also-too-cool-for-you demeanor, but when someone tells you that Karl Lagerfeld wants to take your picture, you certainly don’t say no.

The ads, unsurprisingly, are fantastic, and very Hufflepuff-y, if I do say so myself. Suffice it to say that Pattinson definitely found his inner sultry Cedric Diggory here. After all, Hufflepuffs are very good finders. Take a look:

robert pattinson dior homme 1

Picture the scene: Cedric, lounging in his cushy chair in his Godric’s Hollow home, wearing sunglasses because the sun is just too damn bright through his living room window, his live-in girlfriend Cho Chang, who never had her moment with Harry Potter for obvious reasons, reading on the couch next to him. How quaint!

robert pattinson dior homme 2

And here’s Cedric again, on his way to work at the Ministry of Magic, where he’s obviously a superstar.

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Okay, in all seriousness, these ads really are perfect. I’m no menswear expert, but when I picture the quintessential Dior Man, I do see him as someone who sort exudes this casually strong sense of confidence and style, and I’m definitely getting those vibes from these ads. Now, all we have to do it sit and wait for some kind of Twitter commentary from J.K. Rowling. I just hope it’ll be as good as when Matthew Lewis graced us with his general existence. 

(Photos: Karl Lagerfeld for Dior Homme)