Remember how Tom Cruise did that spread in W in which he looked ridiculous and like that preppy kid in high school movies who decides he doesn’t wanna be what his parents want him to be, so he gets a fake tribal tattoo, puts on some eyeliner and opts to put total faith in his pothead garage band? Yeah, it was lame. And kinda desperate looking.

Plenty of celebrities have tried to do the “edgy” look using studs, leather, eyeliner and gelled hair, but few have been successful. Most just look like they’re trying a bit too hard to grow up or trying a bit too hard to reclaim their youth; rarely do any look comfortable or natural. And yet they keep a-goin’!

Well, Robert Pattinson still believes. His cover, above, for L’Uomo Vogue is all sorts of brooding and edgy. Shot by Caitlin Cronenberg, the spread shows Pattinson’s wardrobe looking considerably different than his typical Cosmopolis-esque wear:

As I’ve said, I don’t really know how to feel about the guy, but I’m pretty sure I still do not feel like fawning over him. In fact, I kind of just wish he’d perpetually look and act like how he did in this interview: weird, fluffy, disheveled, a bit greasy. He had that Hugh Grant thing going on, minus the whole soliciting incident.

C’mon R. Pattz–you are clearly a weird person. Be weird for me. Be weird so I can finally “get it,” dammit. Be my hero, baby.

Pics via Vogue Italia.