Roberto Cavalli is a joke person. We get a lot of mileage out of making fun of him (here’s an example and there’s another in here). But maybe our future ribbings will have a little more edge, because the man just went all European elitist on our asses. When asked about American fashion, he called it “Almost fashion.” Then he elaborated:

“Just look at American fashion, which is almost fashion. It’s terrible and you almost can’t look at it, but it has been driven by a great journalist – Anna Wintour – who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.”

Look, we’re never the first to defend American fashion (insofar as we’re talking about a generic “American aesthetic”) but this is from the mouth of Roberto Fucking Cavalli. This is like Nickelback saying there aren’t any good American bands or like a fish coming out of the ocean to get hair plugs.

Keep in mind the Cavalli look is limited to 1) animal print, 2) fringe, and 3) hemlines short enough to show your birth canal. Then again, this isn’t this first time he’s revealed himself to be a big old blowhard.

(via Vogue UK)