I was going to introduce these Roberto Coin Cuff Links as the gifts you would probably wish you’ll get this Christmas but I changed my mind. They’re just too expensive and luxurious in this state of economy. A pair of them costs about 2-3 months worth of mortgage. But it’s always good to dream and hey, you never know, maybe someday you’ll get one.


Magnifica Diamond Cuff Links consist of 18-karat yellow gold and white gold, featuring a basket weave design. The combination of gold and white diamond trim is just gorgeous, for lack of a better word. $3660


How about this Woven Robe Cuff Links? This one is 18-karat rose gold that’s also from the Magnifica collection. Because there is no white diamond trims it’s a bit cheaper compare to the first one. It’s $2200, hehe.

I suppose if you follow a luxurious lifestyle then these prices are just bargains. But to some of us, they’re just but drool-worthy cuff links.

(Images : Neiman Marcus)