I get it: rompers are silly, infantilizing, hip-expanding, etc, and not particularly well-loved over here at The Gloss, it seems…but you know what else they are? Amazing.

Yeah, that’s right…I said it. I’m sorry, but how crazy adorable does Audrina look over there on your left? I’ll answer for you: so very. And you will look adorable, too, once you go ahead and accept that the romper is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

Once we’ve moved past its inevitability both this season and in years – decades, I contend! – to come, it’s time to figure out how to find the right romper for you. First, let’s talk pattern. My very first post-infancy romper, purchased at a vintage store two years ago, was bright pink plaid. It is also, to my credit, presently sitting at the back of my closet. This summer, look for teensy florals, nautical details, and maybe even a little animal print for the more ferocious among you.

Now: fit. It seems to me that the major fear with rompers is the baring of the underbutt. I say there’s not a whole lot wrong with that – it’s summer! – but if that’s your worry, just go a little longer; there are plenty of mid-thigh styles around (just please wear heels if you take this route). Also, I think that pocketless is the way to go, because for some reason designers haven’t figured out that the addition of pockets to garments of this shape is a poor idea, but you can always just cut ’em out if need be.

Finally, let’s just go ahead and address the peeing-whilst-romper-wearing issue. Look: if you’re wearing something so snug that it can’t be maneuvered off to the side for a moment, you need to step it up a size. Rompers should be a touch nipped at the waist, but relaxed everywhere else: the point is comfort.

And adorableness.