Some people took notice of Rooney Mara in The Social Network but it was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo that really put her name on the map. People didn’t just notice her acting chops. They also took notice of how she turned Lisbeth Salander‘s signature punky look into a glamorous goth dream on the red carpet. The Lisbeth Salander bleached eyebrows and short bangs are gone but Rooney’s edgy-but-elegant style and love of black remains. It’s rare you will find her wearing anything besides black, white or gray but she proves that neutrals definitely aren’t boring.

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Here’s your proof that Rooney is a master at edgy glamour:

1. Pan World Premiere, 2015attends the World Premiere of "Pan" at Odeon Leicester Square on September 20, 2015 in London, England.

We get to see a lot more of Rooney on the red carpet now that she is promoting Pan. She kicked things off in style with this black dress with sheer panels. If you didn’t know that this was Rooney at a premiere, you could easily assume she was a runway model at Fashion Month.

2. IWC FilmMakers Dinner, 2013168721330MM091_IWC_FilmMake

Rooney wears a lot of black but she never looks like she is wearing the same LBD over and over. This dress is proof of that. The cocoon style has white side panels, complete with hidden pockets, and a layered bandeau top in a contrasting fabric. It sounds weird but it works.

3. Cannes Film Festival, 2015Rooney Mara Cannes White Dress

Who said black is the only edgy color? When Rooney wears white, her outfits are just as fierce. This structured shape, contrasting panels and oversized cuffs toughen up the frock’s lace base. Rooney’s half-up bun also makes the look more edgy instead of ethereal.

4. Oscars, 2012138320997MW385_84th_Annual_

This was back when Rooney still had her Lisbeth Salander hair. She looks so flawless that you wish she’d crop her tresses again. She looks like a gothic Audrey Hepburn. There are a lot of classic elements in the look, such as the red lipstick and halterneck gown, but it is the twists like the exaggerated bra cups and sheer fabric that give it a unique feel.

5. Her Rome Film Festival Premiere, 2013187706185SC00008_Her_Premie

This is a look that a lot of celebs wouldn’t be able to pull it off on the red carpet but Rooney does. She may not be able to move her shoulders a lot but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for fashion. Also note how her hair and makeup always look flawless but they never compete with her clothes.

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6. Cartier Celebration, 2014522905037GG063_Maison_Carti

The black lace dress and simple sandals could have easily been styled in a flirty look but Rooney stuck with her signature edginess. Her dark nail polish and lips, and minimal accessories give the look a Black Swan vibe.

7. Calvin Klein Front Row NYFW, 2014509854135TK00029_Calvin_Kle

If you thought that white sweaters couldn’t be edgy, think again. Rooney’s look shows knits can be thanks to the interesting mix of materials. She also toughened it up a bit more with her black ankle boots and messy hairstyle.

8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Germany Premiere, 2012136448103AB002_THE_GIRL_WIT

During The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo press tour, Rooney gave us another gothic Audrey Hepburn moment. This look was fabulous because it had a timeless quality to it but it was also quite modern thanks to the mix of fabrics, cutout and lack of jewelry.

9. Trash Rome Film Festival Premiere, 2014518505939DP00024_Trash_Red_

Rooney wears a lot of fashion-forward pieces but she never looks like they are wearing her. She keeps them from being too much with her minimalist styling. This sheer top and textured skirt had enough details already.

10. New York Film Festival Closing Gala, 2013182153482GC017_THE_51ST_NEW

When people want an edgy look, black is always the first option. Here, Rooney shows that metallics, cream and peep-toe shoes can be just as edgy, if you choose the right pieces. The detail around on the skirt is much more interesting because it’s on the side as opposed to being all the way around.

11. The Great Gatsby Cannes Party, 2013168897131RD00013_The_Great_

“It’s all about the details,” is a phrase you hear quite a bit in fashion but there is a very good reason why. Just take a look at Rooney’s jumpsuit. The draped white neckline upgrades a black jumpsuit from basic to cutting edge.

12. The One I Love Sundance Film Festival Premiere, 2014462879273JN00005_The_One_I_

It isn’t often that you can accurately describe a sweatshirt as edgy but this is one of those rare times. Rooney’s boxy sweatshirt with the woven detail shows that sweatshirts aren’t just comfy tops to binge-watch box sets in. This is a casual look you’ll want to remember.

(Photos: Getty Images)