Rose McGowan knows the power of wearing a surprisingly naked dress as a publicity stunt better than any actress alive. The Jaimie Alexanders of the world can flash miles of skin, but they are all just angling for second place, because Rose McGowan took that prize home back in 1998 when she showed up at the MTV VMAs wearing a chain mail smock that revealed all her breasts and her full, naked ass with then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson.

Seriously, it’s been nearly 20 years and if you google Rose McGowan today that VMAs dress is still among her top results.

The Ulyana Sergeenko couture mess she wore to last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner is relatively tame by comparison–we can run pictures without having to blur anything out–but one must consider the choice of event. It’s one thing to be ass-naked at the VMAs, and quite another to show up at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner dressed like you’re halfway through your Addams Family-themed burlesque show.

The colors might be the biggest issue with this dress, which has many. The peachy pink bustier is too close to the color of McGowan’s skin, making us have to look twice to make sure she isn’t actually totally naked up there. The long train and heavy black satin makes it look like a vampire whose clothes are falling off, but we’re pretty sure that’s exactly the look she was going for.


The shiny, draped fabric widens her and makes her look less like she’s wearing a dramatic bustle and more like she’s wearing a diaper.

It’s not a flattering or pretty dress, but honestly we had really missed Rose McGowan’s “naked goth chick” red carpet style. This might not have been the most appropriate event for it, but we’re glad to see her back anyway.

(Photos: Getty)