Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyApparently, there are even more all-stars from the Project Runway franchise who are coming back to compete for publicity. I know this because Katie Holmes had a guest-judging gig for the show a day or two after announcing her divorce. Also, because it looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was set to host the Lifetime program before she backed out a couple days prior to production to accept a role in a movie with Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy. Apparently, I’m supposed to be thinking, “How dare she back out on that reality show hosting gig to go do real work.”

At least, that’s what Harvey Weinstein thinks. And isn’t everyone supposed to think like him? The producer is actually talking about suing the supermodel for leaving Runway in a lurch. Was anyone else surprised to know that the guy who brought us The Artist and The King’s Speech was also responsible for introducing us to Austin Scarlett?

Now, I’m all about holding people accountable for their actions and keeping your commitments. As a professional woman, I think it’s extremely important to keep your word and prove your dependability. I can see where those associated with the reality show would be frustrated that they were without a person to say, “One day you’re in, and the next, you’re out.”

But at the same time, can we really blame an actress for leaving a hosting gig to work on Mad Max: Fury Road? Would you get angry with your wedding band if they pulled out last minute to go sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? Would you get mad at your fashion intern if she quit in the middle of the week to go prepare for her own show at NYFW? Let’s be realistic here!

Huntington-Whiteley has done a pretty impressive job of transitioning into an acting career. It’s hard to begrudge the girl for scoring a coveted role. That being said, she might have a lesson or two to learn about making the wrong enemies, considering Weinstein’s outsized influence in Hollywood.

But really, it wouldn’t matter what excuse she had. I just can’t imagine myself getting angry at a woman because she wasn’t interested in chirping, “I’ll see you on the runway,” to a bunch of people whose clothes she will never actually wear on a runway. And in a contest between Isaac Mizrahi and Charlize Theron, I’d rather hang out with Theron any day of the week.