Greetings, serfs of Great Britain! Are you as excited as I am to see what the newest member of your ruling class wore during his first 24 hours on earth? Of course you are. You already purchased it until it was gone.

That’s right: the royal baby might not even have a name yet may have only been named an hour ago, but he’s already sold out his first outfit, just like his mom, because why develop your own serf style when you could imitate the look of those whom your taxes keep in diamonds and jewels?

The outfit in question is a cozy swaddling blanket made by US company aden + anais. It is printed with birds and other animals deemed pleasing to a tiny, howling, feral potato-creature’s eye:


It costs 44.95 in British pounds, or about $69. A small price to pay to pretend that your baby, too, might someday grow up to be a baby that came out of a royal vagina. Oh wait…

When reached for comment, the maker of the swaddling blanket had this to say:

“We are truly grateful and so delighted that the couple chose to debut the prince in aden + anais, it is such an honour! We wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge many congratulations on the birth of their son.”


(Via The Telegraph)

Photo: WENN