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(Photo: Instagram/denimandsupplyrl)

You all know and love Ruby Rose from her incredible, androgynous style and her ability to become a nationwide girl-crush overnight from her stint on Orange is The New Black. And she’s back to remind us how badass she is in her new campaign with Denim & Supply.

The spring campaign, which also features Ruby’s close friend, and Denim & Supply regular Hailey Baldwin, is for Spring 2016, so this is just a sneak peek. In an interview with Fashionista, Rose talks about her time modeling and how it was being able to work with her best friend, Hailey Baldwin, on such a rad campaign.

Working with Hailey actually happened by accident. I was in the Denim & Supply store and I saw Hails on the wall. I didn’t know that she did the campaign a season directly before me. I called her and found out that she didn’t know I was doing this campaign, too — she only knew that there was ‘another spokeswoman.’ It was a very funny moment.

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is the edgier, workwear cousin on Ralph Lauren and you can see how much they played into Ruby’s androgynous style by putting her in a pair of paint-splattered overalls, a suit vest, and a denim chore coat draped over her shoulders. The undone bandana and fedora speak to the masculine side of the line, but the peek of lace in her camisole underneath and the hint of silver in the necklace (plus those piercing eyes) show off the more feminine side.

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(Photo: Denim & Supply)

Denim & Supply has been all over the map with relevant skews towards denim trends throughout the years, focusing on awesome overalls and modern takes on classic denim shapes. The contrast of the overly feminine dresses on Hailey and the other female model, paired with the overly masculine looks on the male models, with Ruby’s blending of the two looks in the middle is a sight to behold. This awesome behind the scenes video that Denim & Supply put on their Instagram just further solidifies her in the hearts of all of us.