It’s the season finale of Ruby! She’s down almost 100 pounds, which is amazing!

Ruby is going for a walk with her roommate Jeff and pitches the idea that their group should go camping. She’s happy that she can get out and around, and camping is the first thing she thinks of?!

Jeff says they’re seeing a new Ruby, and that it’s because of the weight loss that she wants to get out and about in the great outdoors.

They head to a sporting goods store to check out all of the camping gear. The trip is going well until Ruby can’t find a chair for the camping trip. She can’t fit in any of them, and points out that when she’s feeling trim and like she’s made progress there’s always something in the mainstream to remind her that she’s still very far from her goal.

With her therapist, Ruby discusses the fact that she can’t remember anything about her childhood. The therapist says this is usually because of a traumatic event and the patient has blocked out everything that happened prior to the event. I’ve never heard of this, but I can see where it’s possible. Ruby is trying her best to remember things, but nothing seems to jog her memory. She’s lived in four houses in Savannah, but she says she isn’t ready to visit those places yet. The therapist says when Ruby is finally ready he can visit the houses with her.

Off to the campsite! Ruby, Jeff, Georgia and another friend head to to the campsite. They have a great time, though Ruby is sad that she doesn’t remember things about her childhood when everyone else is sitting around the campfire thinking about elementary school. She wakes up early the next day and enjoys the fresh new day. The view is gorgeous! Ruby feels it’s a sort of serenity that she couldn’t have gotten at home. She waked up her friends and they pack up. It was a fun, though sort of uneventful trip, but as Jeff points out, it really wasn’t about the trip, but more about making one of Ruby’s dreams come true. He’s an awesome friend!

After heading back home, Ruby makes an appointment to visit her past homes with her therapist. This has got to take so much courage. Ruby is such a strong person. After her therapist peers in the window, Ruby decides that she can go in to the house and see if anything makes her remember. She walks through the house and can’t remember things, but she feels overwhelmed.

Soon after she visits the hospital and finds out that she’s lost 104 pounds! Yay! She feels light and amazing, and I’m so happy for her. The hard work has paid off! Her support system is awesome and I know Ruby will forever be grateful for having such strong people in her life.