christopher-bailye-burberryChristopher Bailey who? If you’re wondering who he is, he’s just the Creative Director for Burberry thankyouverymuch :). So this is the guy behind the “disheveled elegance” of Burberry collections. If you haven’t noticed, She Knows Best Loves Burberry. Therefore, it’s only apropos that I share with you Christopher Bailey’s Rules of Style compiled in the DETAILS Men’s Style Manual.

1. If your jewelry or cuff links are the first thing somebody comments on when they look at you, they’re probably a little too much. Christopher says a watch must be discreet and must go with everything. I just had an epiphany about the latter comment on watch. I’ve been walking around without one for months now. I haven’t really found one I like that would go with everything. I’ve shopped for a nice watch but has always put ’em back on the shelf in the end. Interesting…

2. It’s fun to wear things that are “off the moment”. Just not everything. I can see that he’s into subtlety eh?

3. You need to sense the body underneath the clothes. Apparently, if the body is undecipherable underneath a clothing, it looks sloppy.

4. If you’re somebody who’s not so into fashion, just dress for the environment. Find yourself in the city?, wear something dark and tailored.

5. I really admire Men who wear ties. He feels like a prick in wearing a tie. He doesn’t like the suit-with-sneaker-and-t-shirt look. He thinks it’s really not their personality and would want to tell them to get a pair of brogues instead.

6. A suit needs a nice classic shirt. Prints and bold color are meant for jeans and chinos.

7. I think guys are definitely less intimidated by the whole concept of grooming in the last few year. I’ve noticed that too myself. Christopher says it’s not because of the guys from the Queer Eye for the Straight Guys but because of David Beckham and other guys who are not afraid to look good and clean.

8. A few little squirts of fragrance on your chest is better than ten squirts on your neck. Unless you’re really really really handsome, don’t get highlights. LOL, sorry but that’s all I have to say about that.

9. If you feel a little bit overdressed, you’re probably really overdressed. OUCH!

10. You have to be a certain type to carry off a leather jacket. Make it tailored. Boxy one will make you look old.

11. When it comes to dressing, I think Men have to try a little harder, a little less hard as well. HUH? Be adventurous but with soul and instincts. There’s a thing called mirrors.

*Image Source : IMDB