donatella-versaceIt’s Donatella Versace‘s turn to tell us her 10 Rules of Style she happily shared at DETAILS Men’s Style Manual.

1. A man looks best in well-tailored paints with a low waist and a t-shirt. Donatella suggests a camel coat for Winter. for dressing up days, pinstripes suits with dark shirts are a must.

2. Bill Clinton is fascinating, always perfectly dressed. Apparently, she thinks he’s glamorous judging by the way he talks and walks. Interesting.

3. Middle-aged men should not wear black leather jackets. If you say so Donatella. I bet a bunch of bikers with their Harley Davidson motorcycles would argue otherwise. Heh.

4. Ben Affleck looks like a nice American boy. Albeit Donatella would appreciate a little danger out of him though. Hmm, didn’t you hear about his alcoholic phase? I call that dangerous. Eh, I think he’s passed that stage in his life now. He’s a Father now, with a beautiful and kick-ass wife to boot :)

5. Jewelry is okay if a man knows how to wear it. If you’re wearing a blue suit, don’t bastardize your self by adding jewelry.

6. American men groom way too much. Whuuut? She says Brad Pitt looks too polish for her taste. *flabbergadted*

7. Middle-class guys hide behind big shirts. Ms. Versace wants you guys to put a t-shirt under a suit. Furtermore, wear chinos with a long-sleeve T-shirt.

8. I watch a lot of TV. Larry King, he’s the only anchorman that I love. Really?

9. When it comes to their buddies, men should be less pumped. Donatella advices American guys(again) to swim more often. It’s a better exercise for toning.

10. Men should stop worrying about business so much. Quit thinking about money. Instead, think about seducing your woman. Well I couldn’t agree more. ;) ;)

There you go. I still have a few designers to cover before the end of this month. Zac Posen, Tommy Hilfiger, Christopher Bailey, Michael Kors and Sean Combs. It seems I have a lot of work to do.