Rumer Willis got to perform as a DJ at ELLE’s Women in Music celebration last night, but just getting a chance to spin for the public was apparently not enough attention for her for that evening, because she also apparently decided to try her hand at the awful and ubiquitous cut-out trend and showed up in one of the worst red carpet looks we’ve ever seen, complete with hot pink panties for her many crotch shots.


This happened pretty much any time she struck a pose throughout the whole night, and it stands as testament to the fact that cut-out skirts are basically never OK. Not on the red carpet, not on celebrities, and not even on children of celebrities. They are always just a sexy pose away from a crotch shot, and nobody wants to have to spend the evening taped into their clothes.

Her makeup looks pretty cool and I actually like the crop top. If not for the giant holes in the skirt, this outfit would be pretty cool and sexy. But the cut-out holes take this straight into, “What the fuck was she thinking?” territory, especially since it looks suspiciously like she cut the holes out herself in an attempt to make the skirt sexier. (Also known as the Kardashian School of DIY.)

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the skirt was totally designed this way and Rumer Willis’ look is entirely intentional, in which case at least she was wearing underwear. The Kardashian/Lohan look might not be stylish, but it’s way better than the Paris Hilton naked vulva crotch-shot.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN)