The World Premiere of 'Gangster Squad' held at Grauman's Chinese Theater

As if it didn’t make us twitterpated enough to see Ryan Gosling take his mom Donna Gosling as his date to the premiere of his new film Gangster Squad, it appears that Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes gave her blessing to the outing in the form of some very nice clothes.

“My mom’s wearing all my girlfriend’s clothes,” says Gosling in the least awkward part of this E! Online “news” segment. “I’m wearing Eva Mendes,” confirms Donna. “She let me raid her closet.” If that doesn’t conjure up images of Ryan Gosling, Donna Gosling, and Eva Mendes wearing matching sweaters and trimming a Christmas tree and riding all the rides at Disneyland together, I don’t know what does. (And why not replace Eva Mendes with yourself while you’re at it?)

I actually had to think for a second about whether a mom dressing up in her son’s girlfriend’s clothing is weird, but my mom and I have often shared clothes, so I don’t think it should be too much of a stretch to do the same thing with a mom-in-law type person, provided the clothing in question is a fun patterned coat and not, say, pasties and crotchless panties. Use your judgment.

The rest of the interview is worth watching too, if only to see our beloved Baby Goose squirm while being asked inappropriately sexy questions in front of his mom. That interviewer needs to mind her manners.

(Via E! Online)

Photo: WENN