Ryan Gosling now designing leather jackets for himself

Current infatuation of internet writers and commenters everywhere, Ryan Gosling is a man of many talents: he hates the Giving Tree and can currently be seen making Asperger’s sexy in Drive. Anyway, according to his recent profile in The Independent, he not only did ballet growing up, he also designs his own leather jackets:

“I’m just so sick of myself. I can’t imagine how everyone else feels. And there’s just nowhere to go but down really from here. So, hey, it’s been nice. It’s been real.” He laughs hard, puts on his grey, self-designed leather jacket and feigns leaving, with some good reason.”

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any more information to go on than that, but we’re going to deduce that this is a one shot, a Gosling private blend. We’re 99% sure that (to his credit) Gosling actually isn’t the sort of famous person who’d stamp his name on a capsule collection he didn’t really design just to expand his lifestyle brand. In fact, we’re probably more likely to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt “collaborate” with The Gap on a line of waistcoats before Gosling goes and creates motorcycle-inspired outerwear under the banner of Ryan by Ryan Gosling.

But! That doesn’t mean we don’t want to gauge interest:

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(The Independent via Styleite)