Ryan Philipe is apparently trying to quell some people’s sense that he’s kind of…not a tough guy…by posing on the cover of Inked magazine. In the photo spread, he shows off all six (clutch pearls!) of his tattoos. I mean, I’m just saying, but I definitely know moms who have more than six tattoos. Not that moms aren’t tough, but dude…you’re not, like, inked. You’re just a dude with tattoos and something to prove. Here’s an idea of the Ryan he’s trying to show the world he can be:

“‘I did have a ladybug on my foot covered up. Its significance was with an ex. I put a stingray over the top of it. When people ask me why, I say, ‘Any animal that could take down the Crocodile Hunter deserves my respect.’”

Bad-ass, man. Oh, except for the the part when the takedown of the Crocodile Hunter was tragic, and left two children fatherless. Yes, clearly his killer — a fish — deserves a place on your body.