Jewelry designer Wendy Brandes creates hip, modern jewelry with secret compartments, moving parts and even spaces for a dose of… poison?

She’s hosting a one-day sale tomorrow, February 10th:

But if you email her for today only and ask nicely, you might get a discount on your online purchase!  She’s not publishing the sale prices, so you just need to be brave and ask.

So what kind of unique goodies can you save on?

The “Boleyn” necklace was inspired by the initial pendant worn by Anne Boleyn. The letter is in yellow gold, accented by a rose gold crown, finished off with diamonds.  All 26 letters are available, just email and ask.

The “Agrippina Poison Ring” is made from 18kt yellow gold with 40 points of diamond.  Agrippina was the sister of Roman Emperor Caligula, wife of Emperor Claudius and mother of Emperor Nero. Some historians accuse her of poisoning Claudius. Her son Nero attempted to murder her several times before finally succeeding.

images: Wendy Brandes