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Nicole Sherzinger is one foxy Pussycat Doll.  With the way she’s filling out this strapless little black dress, Beyonce may have to watch her back, literally.  I could never wear them, but the stiletto heels are super sexy and the ensemble is accented by just a touch of bling on the finger and the wrist.

Here’s how you can copy Nicole’s hot look for less.   


 Tia strapless satin dress, Forever 21, $22.80



Sable Jeweled Satin Dress, Forever 21, $22.80 


Rhinestone bracelet, Claire’s, $14.50 


Large Rhinestone ring, Forever 21, $5.80 


Fringe Platform Stilettos, Forever 21, $28.80 


Or for a more colorful twist…Vero Nero Platform, Forever 21, $22.80 

Photo credits: Newscom, Forever 21, Claire’s