We’re actually shocked that no one thought of this sooner. At the Opening Ceremony sample sale the security guard manning the door was willing to let people jump the line in exchange for $20. Sample Sally reports:

I walked up to the door and the security guard whispered something in my ear.  I couldn’t hear what he said at first.  So I replied “what?”  The guard wanted a bribe!  He said: if I gave him $20, he would let me cut the line.  I looked at him, puzzled, and I had to think about what he just said.  I finally told him thank you.  But no thanks!

Sample Sally probably correctly guessed that if she took him up on his offer the rest of the line would retaliate and the whole thing could lead to some Blahnik beatdowns. Frankly, though, a $20 bribe to get the first look at the Christian Louboutin sample sale doesn’t strike us as all that unreasonable – though that’s manned by PR people who might view it as a little beneath them. But Opening Ceremony? Even for huge bargains it feels kind of “eh, we’ll slip you a finski.”