Sandra Bullock on the October issue of Vogue.

Sandra Bullock tends to make pretty fantastic fashion choices, in my opinion. Her red carpet looks are almost always spot-on, her hair is invariably well-styled and her makeup is consistently great. So, what’s with her Vogue cover for the magazine’s October issue?

Don’t get me wrong — she looks gorgeous here. She really, really does. The cover shot, taken by Peter Lindbergh, features Bullock wearing a beautiful aquamarine Marc Jacobs dress with an elegantly low-cut back. The makeup is simple: a lightly smoky eye and lush, full lashes paired with a pale pink lip. Her skin is radiant and everything looks just wonderful plain wonderful. Everything except her hair.

Oh, her hair. I just don’t get it. It’s this bizarrely high, ultra-teased mullet…thing that gives her head the proportions of a fifth grader who overcompensates while drawing portraits when his art teacher tells him that the eyes are supposed to be in the middle of the head, not at the top. (Or maybe I just made that mistake a lot as a child, who knows?) Basically, this style feels like a peculiar choice for such an otherwise great look. Actually, I think it would feel like a peculiar choice for anyone besides the cover of a 1980s teen magazine or Kris Jenner.

Actually, that is probably what is irking me so much about this: it reminds me of Kris Jenner, who is arguably the most obnoxious person in the entire Kardashian clan, and inarguably one of celebrities most deserving of “The Worst” as her formal title. For this reason, October Vogue, you make me very sad.

Photo: Vogue.