Sandra Lee Attends the 2013 Met Gala in Alexander McQueen

The red carpet at this year’s costume institute gala for the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met was generally disappointing for its overall lack of punk. Back when the theme was announced, we laughed that everyone would just show up in Vivienne Westwood, which seemed at the time like the obvious choice. But then the actual gala rolled around, and there was a notable lack of Vivienne Westwood’s striking designs on the red carpet. There should have been at least one more, though, because Sandra Lee had intended to wear Westwood to the Met Gala. She had to drop the dress at the last moment, though, because her cockatoo ate it.

Seriously, Sandra Lee’s Vivienne Westwood dress was eaten by a cockatoo.

The host of Semi-Homemade Cooking told the New York Times that on Thursday, May 2, just four days before the night of the gala, her pet cockatoo, Phoenix, got into her closet and removed every embellishment from her original Met Gala gown.

“I had a Vivienne Westwood dress, midnight black, perfectly beaded bodice and floor-length multilayered tulle skirt — perfect for the gala. I entered the walk-in closet to find Phoenix had severed nearly every bead, crystal and pearl from the dress. No joke.”

Bereft of her Westwood gala gown, Lee went to the gala in a tiered organza Alexander McQueen dress she’d acquired for Elton John‘s birthday.

We wish she’d just worn the Westwood anyway. The tasteful McQueen with its smart litle blazer was one of the night’s least on-theme or noteworthy looks, and showing up at the punk-themed gala in a designer gown that had been shredded by a cockatoo would probably have grabbed her a slot on a couple best-dressed lists.

Via The New York Times/Photo:Getty