sarah jessica parker and anna wintour

Even though it’s fun to make snap judgements about fashion, it’s incredibly unfair that female celebrities are under so much pressure to look, act, and be perfect on the red carpet— especially when their male counterparts can throw on the same tuxedo over and over again and no one would even notice. It’s rare to see a dude on the worst- or best-dressed list after an event, because it’s rare to see a dude trying to dress at all. A tailored jacket, some shiny shoes, a dab of concealer that they’d never admit to, a tie. Done and done. That’s why it’s refreshing (and super fun) to watch Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker‘s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, in which they critique the male fashions from this year’s Met Gala.

From the very beginning of the segment, it’s made clear that Anna and SJP are about to have a ball by making light fun of the dude guests. This little snippet alone makes my cheeks hurt from over-smiling:

Seth Meyers: This year was white tie, which for a guy is a lot harder. Is that why you chose it?”

Anna Wintour: Women traditionally have to spend so much time thinking about what they’re going to wear, we thought it was time to turn the tables. I had no idea how much panic this would make the men of New York, and all over the world, think about their outfits.

She goes on to laugh in the faces of all the goofballs who ran to Tom Ford for fashion advice, and starts calling out– one by one– the handsome hunks who completely failed to make the dress code. “He has Gisele, so that helps,” Anna jokes about Tom Brady‘s decidedly not white bowtie. “He is wearing classic black tie. He obviously did not look at the invitation.” Sarah Jessica Parker refuses to let Jake Gyllenhaal‘s weird turtleneck slide, either. “That’s Brooklyn white tie,” she says.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Even the host himself isn’t safe from fashion scrutiny. When Seth pops up a photo of him and his wife at the Gala, Anna and Sarah Jessica look like it’s taking a lot of effort to conceal their giggles. “You didn’t have the tails!” Anna says.

Adorable. I vote for Carrie Bradshaw and the queen of Vogue to replace Joan Rivers as the new co-chiefs of the Fashion Police. Let’s let the dudes have it once in a while!

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