Srah Jessica Parker Hat Met Gala TweetSarah Jessica Parker always goes for it at the Met Gala. She embraces every theme with wide open arms, regardless of what it is. For the 2015 Met Gala, SJP turned up in the hat to end all hats. If there ever was an accessory that was made to be turned into a meme. It was the hat. You don’t turn up on the red carpet with a hat that is three times the size of your head and that weighs a third of your body weight and don’t expect people to talk. Of course they did.

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These are the funniest Twiter reactions to Sarah Jessica Parker’s crazy hat at the 2015 Met Gala:

1. Behold The New Fire Lord

You can’t really say she’s the Water Lord, an Earth Lord or pretty much anything else in that hat.

2. The Fire Emoji Brought To LifeSarah Jessica Parker Fire Emoji meme
You couldn’t fool the internet with a bit of blue embellishment that hat was clearly the fire emoji.

3. Sorry, Jennifer Lawrence Is The Girl On Fire

Can we avoid the fight if Jennifer Lawrence remains The Girl On Fire and Sarah Jessica Parker is The Lord Of Crazy High Flames?

4. Don’t Forget About The Bit Of Ice

I hope they played the Game Of Thrones theme song when Sarah Jessica Parker walked the carpet. However, I wish she tried a bit harder to get the ice theme into her look. Where were her icicles?

5. The Unexpected Evil Wizard Aku Inspiration

When you see this, it’s pretty hard to look at the hat and see anything else…except for neck pain.

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6. Why Didn’t Anyone Say Something?

Why didn’t anyone help her smother the flames? Were they all too concerned that their couture would catch of fire?

7. A Very Bad Idea For Next Year

Please don’t give anyone ideas, especially Sarah Jessica Parker, for future Met Galas.

8. Fire Meets What?

It’s okay if you’re not exactly sure what a “fire type gym leader” is either. You’ll still be able to get the comparison is hilarious.

9. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Who wore it better?

10. The Hat That Left Some Speechless

If you are too shocked to discuss Kim Kardashian‘s naked dress because of that hat, that is saying something.

11.The Sarah Jessica Parker Doppelganger

No one wonder someone is angry. They just had their look completely ripped off.

12. Even Carrie Bradshaw Wouldn’t Be Into It

Carrie Bradshaw wore a lot of WTF things but if she wouldn’t wear the hat then you really have to wonder.

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