Former Alaska governor, memoirist, talking head, and bottomless source of bittersweet laughter Sarah Palin was recently on FOX News to discuss GOP presidential candidates (“I am gettin’ pretty sick and tired of people condemning and cutting down Donald Trump for… calling it like he sees it and exercising his right as an American to express his views even via talking about a third party candidacy”). Amidst her praise of Trump’s stalwart fiscal conservatism, we noticed her striking fashion decision.

Sarah Palin wore two fleeces, one orange and one pink, layered on top of each other. This is having her folksy affectation cake and eating it, too, if we’ve ever seen it. Though we concede it’s probably pretty chilly in Wasilla, AK, we’d also bet they keep the sound stages at a comfortable temperature.

We did, however, appreciate being reminded of those bizarre Morgan Fairchild-starring Old Navy ads from early last decade: