In a recent photoshoot for Newsweek, Sarah Palin threw on her best casual wear and hammed it up for the camera. The accompanying article addresses the everlasting suspense in which she’s keeping the public regarding whether she will or will not run for president, but looking at the images, one can’t help but wonder: does Sarah Palin have political aspirations, or is she simply auditioning for catalog work? Here are some of the more confounding pictures:

Standing in this field of wildflowers, one imagines Palin standing in front of the wild, wild world, delivering the State of the Union. Alternately, one notes that the purple in the flora offsets the casual zip-front hoodie.

Here, Palin is seen looking dominant and forward-thinking. Or is she just trying to convey the comfort level of this weekend-wear?

Note how at ease Palin is standing in a field or propped up against a tree in this outfit. It could be a metaphor for her ability to work with politicians on Capitol Hill as well as she mingles among the common folk, or a straightforward demonstration of the versatility of the ensemble.

Who can say what Sarah Palin is trying to tell us through these cryptic images? Not me. Either way, I think we can all agree that she certainly has perfected her pensive face.