sasha obama is looking so cool in her sweater

This weekend, a middle school girl wore a unicorn sweater to a basketball game. ASOS sold out of it. Immediately.

While President Obama‘s approval ratings have reached an all-time low, it’s nothing but accolades for his 12-year-old daughter. We started praising Sasha Obama‘s clothes long before she probably dressed herself, and now that she’s showing off her personal taste, we still want to high-five her. The reigning queen of adolescent sass wore a black knit sweater emblazoned with a pastel unicorn, and damn, it was cool. Rocking double-cuffed jeans and cyan Keds, Sasha was the best-dressed disinterested-looking pubescent celebrity at the University of Maryland vs. Oregon State game. An honor of the highest degree.

Is it weird that adults are paying such close attention to the wardrobe choices of someone who might not have had her first period yet? Maybe. Is it weird that we all want to dress like her? Probably. Is it still hilariously fun? Yes.

sasha obama's mystical unicorn

The HuffPo collected the best of the best unicorn sweater tweets, for which we’re eternally grateful. Charlotte Cowles, senior editor at New York Magazine, declared that “Sasha Obama’s unicorn sweater wins,” while a sports reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Ben Cohen, informed us that “Nothing in college basketball this season will be cooler than Sasha Obama’s sweater.” ABC pointed me in the direction of Tony Manfred, a sports reporter for Business Insider, who gloriously tweeted, “Knitting this myself if I can’t find it on ebay.” See? This is journalism, you guys. Hard-hitting unicorn sweater journalism.

Besides being super cool, Sasha’s mystical mascot is also pretty good news for ASOS. This is even bigger than that time that one woman accidentally posted a naked picture of herself while trying to sell one of their dresses online. Good luck trying to replicate this kind of social media buzz, guys! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to peruse some style blogs until I feel as cool as a seventh grader.

Via HuffPo / Photos: Twitter, ASOS