Fresh off her nude photo scandal and with several cool projects in the works, Scarlett Johansson is gracing not one, but two major magazine covers in the month of December: Interview and Vanity Fair.

Above, we have the Interview cover shot. I’m not sure what kind of garment they have her in, but I am sure that they Photoshopped her face a bit too much. Scarlett Johansson can’t sell magazines if people don’t recognize her. There also appears to be a bit of Kate Winslet-ing going on with her legs. Why anyone would do this to an actress known for her bangin’ curves is beyond me.

Then, there’s the Vanity Fair cover:

She looks quite a bit more Scarlett Johansson-y here, which can only be a good thing. You can’t see most of her body, so no points either way for Photoshopping/not Photoshopping it. Still, I think this is the clear winner. A few photos have been released from inside the magazine, too:

This photo is weird because she doesn’t look much like herself at all. At first I thought they got a model to do a Scarlett-themed shoot, but it’s her. Also, what is it with December magazine cover shoots and mermaids? The water is fucking cold this time of year, guys. At least they made Scarlett an indoor mermaid.

Then there is this:

Which shows her distinctive loveliness. Like a beautiful flower, that ScarJo! Turning her face to the sun, as she…takes her dress off. More like this, please.

(Via The Daily Mail and Vanity Fair)