Scarlett Johansson has the cover of Vogue‘s May Issue, as photographed by Mario Testino. Inside, she (again) addresses her leaked nude photo scandal and comes across as pretty normal about it:

“When all those photos came out, of course I go out to dinner and think, Goddamn it, these people have all seen my…” Johansson’s voice trails off. “That’s terrible. You know what I mean? You can’t not think that. Even if they haven’t, you’re paranoid.”

Elsewhere, she discusses her divorce from Ryan Reynolds, her music career, and more. Best of all, the magazine offers this extremely ridiculous insight from Stella McCartney:

“We started sipping dirty martinis with some friends of hers, and she opened a debate, which was ‘Are you born a killer, or are you made into a killer?’ ” McCartney recalls. “I thought, Wow, she’s not just a pretty blonde actor.”

Apparently all you need to do to sound like a fucking philosopher in the fashion industry is throw out some nature versus nurture nonsense and drink grown-up drinks.


Here she is in Prabal Gurung with a shoe hat on her head:

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