In the Winter months, I tend to feel like I look tired and washed out. (I think, it’s because all the busy-ness of getting ready for the holidays leaves me feeling tired and washed out…) In an attempt to bring a little color to my face, I’ve been wearing a cute multi-colored scarf. I do not leave the house without it.

I wanted to find something similar for you readers. I found this site with scarves made from recycled saris. They are in beautiful, bright colors – perfect for adding a little (or a lot) of color to your look.

Purple Plum Recycled Sari Scarf Michelle

Purple Blue Plum
By Plumfish – $40

This scarf is made from recycled sari silk fabric and mixed yarn. It’s measures 6’10” long and it’s 5 inches wide. I love the texture and colors. Beautiful.

Recycled Silk Scarf Michelle

Recycled Sari Silk Scarf
By TJTDesign – $40

This one is made from completely from recycled sari silk. It measures 62.5 inches in length, 4.5 inches in width.  Very fuzzy and very colorful.

Bib-style Recycled Sari Scarf Michelle

Bib-style Recycled Sari Scarf
By Chris Smith22 – #34.99

This scarf is like a scarf-necklace. Very unique. It features the same colorful look and texture of the other two scarves, but it looks perfect to wear all day, indoors, too. It’s made completely of recycled sari silk. It ties in the back.

Image credit: Plumfish, TJT Design, Chris Smith22 at Etsy