I, for one, always appreciate when science can back me up in making otherwise poor decisions. For instance, buying a pair of $700 Christian Louboutins. A video posted on CNN has an interview with the designer, in which he discusses how his shoes are a feat of engineering. He tells the reporter that:

The heel is engineering in itself…This little thing that supports the human weight has to have a precise balance….If you just look at the heel, you are immediately going to see that if there was not the (right) engineering), it would break.

Profound, indeed. And while that might be true of any high heel, I’m going to instead assume that it’s only true of Louboutins, and that’s why I should a buy a pair. Besides, in the video, Louboutin also says this about women who like to purchase shoes:

It can be an addiction, and curing that, I feel a bit like a doctor.

And who doesn’t want to be in the hands of a good doctor?