Yesterday, while sharing images of Chanel‘s underwater scene, we made a crack about how the line between runway sets and “theme room (for kids’ birthdays) at a family fun center” was sometimes very blurry. Well, then Louis Vuitton had to go and up the ante: instead of a traditional runway, the ladies of LV circled a giant white branded Louis carousel.

As for the clothes, Marc Jacobs was feeling very much the same as Karl Lagerfeld: clean, fresh, feminine if not outright girly, with unfussy shoes and lots of lovely white or very pale dresses. That’s not all: between whimsical all-white sets and feminine silhouettes in soft colors, the other major similarity was beauty, with both shows focused on more subtle, pretty looks defined by dewy skin.


And Kate the Great:

We’ll share some more shots of that carrousel as soon as we get them!

(Photos via Getty)