Last night, I sat among my boxes of samples, trying to will myself to try on my hot new pink bikini … and psyched myself out.

Image: Lands End

Image: Lands End

I then got so depressed about the potential lack of fit that I ordered takeout Chinese and gave up.

Now, this suit may end up fitting me just fine – and it IS cute – but sometimes we need a little bit of help from the outside. And so, ALSO coming to Montauk with me is the equally cute Solid Ruffle Tank from Land’s End.

I like to sort of look at this as a LBS (little black suit!), because it does everything I’d hope for my LBDs to do – it is totally slimming (the most important element of a swimsuit ever!), and has a really sexy ruffle and ruffle effect – especially flattering for you rectangle figures.

Plus, it has SPF 50 protection built in! How random and awesome is that?

Basically, I love this suit because it is helping with my confidence – which, honestly, when it comes to this area of style, is severely lacking!